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Join us for our first Women & Wolves overnight retreat from Friday, June 14th to Saturday, June 15th, 2019. Participants are invited to enter an immersive experience of honoring the wolves as our sacred teachers, practicing awareness and curiosity with our physical and emotional presence, seeking stillness with our inner truths, engaging in rituals that honor the power of the pack and creating space for play and reflection. 

This session is open to people over the age of 18 who are serious about exploring their personal journey and growth. You will be encouraged to listen from the heart, speak from the heart, illuminate only the heart of the matter and at times, to be in silence with your heart. 

The retreat will include meditation, exploration of self and community, creative expression, hiking and connecting with the wolves, shared meals and sacred ceremony.

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Women & Wolves

Moby Plays Our Full Moon Hike!

On September 22, 2018, Wolf Connection’s Full Moon Hike got a beautiful gift from the incredible artist, Moby. There was an easy, calm breeze that slid through the ranch welcoming guests as they arrived. Guests gathered in the arena and circled around the fire pit as Teo Alfero led us through a silent walk through of the compound inviting us to notice which wolf we connected with. The connection, the draw, is from a deep primal place and to learn the story of the majestic wolf we chose was enlightening. Later we enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner prepared by “Little Pine”. Little Pine is a wonderful vegan restaurant, owned by Moby, that serves delightful vegan fare while donating 100% of its profits to animal rights organizations. The sun had just set and the sky turned from brilliant orange to a deep, dark blue with a million stars shining bright. We all returned to the arena to find Moby and his band sitting by the light of the fire. Then, the human pack joined by Koda, Luna, Wolfee, Beau and Willow hiked the Angeles National Forest under that bright, radiant moon. “Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.” Khaled Hosseini

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FULL MOON HIKE - July 13, 2019
FULL MOON HIKE - September 14, 2019



What a breast cancer survivor learned from Annie…

“This observation is mine and mine alone. Each wolf shares their stories in unique and individual ways to the humans who take the time to listen.”

What I have suffered and endured does not define me, but it is a part of me. It’s in the scars, some visible and some not. I was afraid before. I was scared to lose what made me whole. What would I become when so much was taken from me? Am I half of the woman that I used to be? I see you, Annie, brave… the warrior having lost a limb, but still rooted in your self-confidence. I see you, not less than because of your loss, but more. How do we know what we can conquer until we are faced with having to do it? The strength it took to overcome was inside of you all along… inside of me, too. I didn’t have to think about it, it was there, inside, waiting to rise. It was waiting for the moment to show itself. Thank you, Annie, for the reminder that this survivor was a survivor all along. You are a beacon of light shining out showing us all what “being whole” really means.

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Wolf Connection Bids Farewell to OMAK & BANDIT

Omak, our Alpha, took his final walk and left this world. He has been an amazing beast with strength and perseverance through his journey with bone cancer following his recovery from bloat surgery and amputation. But ultimately the cancer spread to his lungs and was affecting his ability to breathe. It was time for the king to transition and like the true Alpha he is, Omak walked the compound to present himself to the pack and laid down to rest in front of the teepee, where he was surrounded by a group of individuals that he loved and trusted very much. Omak was a giant, not only in stature, but in presence and heart. He taught strength and quiet leadership to us all. We will honor him, his life and his teachings.

We recently said goodbye to an original member of the Wolf Connection Pack, Bandit. He created a living legacy amongst his peers and the young men and women who work with him, becoming known as the “James Dean” in his younger years for his nonchalant attitude and, in his elder years, as the “Chris Rock” for his sparkling personality and hilarious antics. He was a great reminder to new volunteers to “hurry up” when it was time for his medicine walk! A truly unique voice and a “full of life” prankster, Bandit always had us laughing. He will be missed greatly. He lived a long beautiful life and touched so many lives. Thank you for being truly an individual and modeling how to be true to oneself. Run free, our friend, your memory will keep us smiling forever. 

We welcome the wolves together and celebrate their teachings. How blessed are we to share time and space with each of them. Together as a pack, we say goodbye and we continue to share their legacies via their stories and modeling their way of being as we continue to grow because we have had the privilege of communing with them, ourselves and each other.

Wolf Connection’s founder, Teo Alfero, has written a book “The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach us about Being Human” 

Wolf Connection’s founder, Teo Alfero, has written a book “The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach us about Being Human” 

“Over the last ten years at Wolf Connection, people have had transformational experiences from meetings with wolves. After their visit, their comments reflect the powerful lessons they feel they learn from the wolves, but they almost always mention the feeling of connection, of being seen, and sensing a quiet knowing from the animals. Truth be told, this is exactly what drew me to the volunteering I did with the Original 16, the pack of wolf ‘elders’, whose connection to me ultimately lead to the development of the sanctuary at Wolf Heart Ranch, Wolf Connection® and Wolf Therapy®, the animal-assisted therapeutic program that we offer there. The wolf carries a galvanizing, yet subtle power that awakens the senses and the soul. I believe that we encounter a dormant, primal memory within us when we feel the presence of a wolf seeking and sharing affection in her or his own way. This memory harkens back to a distant time when we were more connected to nature, more alert, awake, and alive. I never thought that exploring and cultivating the relationship between humans and wolves would become my life’s work—not even close. But when I saw how the love of the wolves changed me, and got a glimpse of this happening with others, I could see that my life path had lead me to share the magic of the animal-human bond. My insatiable curiosity for the myriad ways that wolves have been interpreted—as social animals living as families, as symbols of wisdom in myth, or as top predators in the ecosystems—guided me to write the book that you will hold in your hands in June, 2019.” … Teo Alfero