The current Wolf Connection ranch was intended to be a temporary home to allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.

In just three years, Wolf Connection’s programs have become so successful, that we have expanded our outreach to new at-risk populations and doubled our pack size. The current ranch is inadequate for our program’s needs and the needs of our animals.

In order for Wolf Connection to survive and continue to bring these life-saving services to the most at-risk teens and adults, we must secure a larger and permanent home. If we do not secure a new home, the programs at Wolf Connection will be leaving hundreds of teens and adults at greater risk and dozens of animals without a permanent home.

Because of the unprecedented success of our programs and our rapid growth, the need to secure this new home is urgent! We have identified a property that meets the needs for the animals, program attendees, visitors and our volunteers.

The cost to purchase and relocate to a new location is estimated at $2.5 million. 


What will the New Ranch Provide?

  • Vastly expanded space for expansion of our kennels so we can save, rehabilitate and utilize more program animals.
  • Larger and more expansive turnouts and exercise facilities for the animals.
  • Extensive hiking trails, which are essential to our programs.
  • The ability to expand our programs and services to hundreds of at-risk persons per month.
  • On-site residential facilities that will allow for more long-term programs such as summer camps and continuation schools.
  • Expansive facilities for corporate retreats and training programs that will help underwrite our programs
  • Residential facilities for volunteers who wish to work multiple days in succession