Women & Wolves 2023

Wolf Wisdom: Surrendering to Stillness

An immersive program of transformation & empowerment, inspired by the wisdom of wolves
Featuring: 8 weeks of virtual group circles led by therapists & expert facilitators, weekly thematic prompts & rituals, and a full-day Full moon retreat at wolf heart ranch


6th cohort dates: To Be Announced.

She rests with ease, poise, a regal knowing – her body gently and intentionally relaxing into the raw earth. One graceful paw lifts and crosses over the other, as she takes in the world from this auspicious perch. The wolf breathes in the beauty of every moment, embracing the space that feels like slow motion to humans. She exists without the boundaries of time or space or “have to’s”, trusting her capacity to respond to the environment as needed, without anticipation. “Dearest women,” she asks, “what attachments are you willing to acknowledge and release as you step into wholeness and worth just as you are?” As you feel the terror of “not doing”, “not proving”, and “not performing” to prove your worth, what else emerges in the sacred temple that is your body and deepest wisdom? 

The Invitation: What if, as women, we are most powerful when we incorporate rest as an unwavering personal practice? Wolves demonstrate how rich and deep our connection between mind and body – senses and intuition – can be when we have a devotion to stillness. A wolf at rest is more able to spring into action for their pack – aware, rejuvenated, even scrutinizing. Our “nos” and “yeses” become more clear, more tied to our true selves than those of fractured conditioning. If you accept this invitation for 10 weeks of transformation, there will be challenges and catharsis, and some of that will come through the invitation to “not do” and “just sit with what arises” – something foreign to many of us.

This ten-week immersive program fosters a pack experience for women around the globe with virtual weekly teachings and gatherings, culminating with an in-person retreat at Wolf Heart Ranch for women and wolves to connect in real time and in sacred ceremony. Week by week, participants are invited to expand their capacity to be with the power of our primal emotions as women – the importance of our fire, our feelings, and even our fears. We explore our instincts and connections to the Earth and the divine wisdom each of us already carries. We challenge ourselves as a pack of women to embrace our wild magic, and deepen our connection to Mother Earth and the mysterious. This program is for anyone female identifying, interested in a journey of personal growth and transformation, prepared to be challenged via the teachings of the wolves and the human facilitators.

We have now been granted the gift of a few scholarship spots. The ability to apply is available upon acceptance into program. Limited and need based.

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Of the dozens of women who’ve completed the 10-week program and hundreds who’ve
participated in Women & Wolves day offerings, some have shared:

“I’ve developed the courage and confidence to step into new roles and move through deep blockages.”
“The structure of this program allowed for a truly magical journey of transformation to unfold. SO WORTH IT!!!”
“After a long time of feeling like a lone wolf, I felt like I found my pack. “
“It is challening to pick one thing and put it into words. The community is really special to me and shall continue to be dear to my heart for a long time, if not forever.”
“I sit here with tears in my eyes as I think about my experience in Women and Wolves. To say that this program is life-changing seems like an understatement.  I feel like I will never be the same person again, in a good way.”
“The Women and Wolves program promised an experience that will create a safe space to grow and find the magic and fire within us. My experience as a participant in Women and Wolves most definitely did exactly that. I left the retreat on the final day enchanted with the possibilities the future holds. The entire experience blessed me with more knowledge, peace, forgiveness, vision, self respect, friendship, curiosity, love, magic, fire, grace and grit.”
“I think this program was done brilliantly.”
“I want to say from the bottom of my heart that this program has touched my soul in many ways and was the medicine I did not even realize I needed.”
“I am so grateful to the women that thoughtfully created the program and generously shared their knowledge, tenderness, and respect for the wolves-and what they can teach us.”
“The facilitators are the best ever! This is a place where it is safe to show up exactly as you are, experience deep shifts, meet like-minded souls, and feel into all the lessons the wolves have to offer us as women. Signing up for Women and Wolves has been one of the best and most impactful decisions of my life.”

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This Transformative program features:

Virtual Experience:

  • 8 weekly, live women’s circles via Zoom (90 minutes) (week 1 is self-reflection/writing and week 10 is a day-long retreat)
  • Weekly thematic prompts, lessons, and invited rituals
  • Introductions to Wolf Connection wolves and their stories of resilience
  • Audio and video wisdom from our Pack, both human and wolf
  • Guidance from trained therapists (see bios below) and heart-centered group leaders

Sacred Day Retreat:

  • Day-long (10-hr), in-person gathering at Wolf Connection’s Wolf Heart Ranch to culminate the immersive experience (travel arranged separately)
  • Meditation and reflection exercises in connection with the wolves
  • Face-to-face interaction with the wolf pack
  • Hike with the wolves in the Angeles National Forest
  • Sacred rituals including a fire ceremony to conclude the retreat
  • Vegan lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day

Continued Community Membership & Add-on Offerings:

  • 1 individual, 60-minute private session with either of your facilitators (Amanda and Micha) to process the journey, optional add-on to experience
  • Discount to join members-only Women & Wolves digital community with robust video/audio content, wolf wisdom, monthly and quarterly offerings for members to virtually convene, and more…launching fall 2022
  • Gift box with materials and tokens to accompany you through the 10-week journey and beyond
  • Select Wolf Connection merch and wolf affirmation cards for purchase

I sit here with tears in my eyes as I think about my experience in Women and Wolves. To say that this program is life-changing seems like an understatement.  I feel like I will never be the same person again, in a good way. This program woke me up to something that was sleeping in me, an embracing of parts of myself as reflected to me through the wolves. If you are a spiritual woman who feels a connection with wolves, this program is for you! The program is facilitated by amazing women who care deeply about what they do and what they have to offer. I appreciated how well organized both the zoom meetings and the in-person retreat were, and I have the utmost respect for the mission of Wolf Connection. Getting introduced to the wolves and learning what they had to teach me was powerful beyond words. This program brought with it so many levels of growth, depth, tenderness, love, joy, and awareness. I truly cannot recommend Women and Wolves enough. Howling with you in solidarity

2021 Participant

This ten-week journey was transformative and deeply healing. I was searching for a space to be able to grieve some deep personal losses in my life, connect with fellow animal lovers, and make room in my heart for love and healing. I appreciated how Amanda and Micha were authentic in connecting with us. They were the perfect balance of gentle leaders of bringing us together while also being part of the pack. More Loves: The weekly meeting of the wolves. Loved hearing their stories but teaching us that their trauma is not the only part of their story, that MY trauma is not the only part of my story and that grief and gratitude can live in the same space. Learning the Way of Wolf. Mediation/grounding The gentle, quiet spaces between our shares Letting the magic unfold in its own time Creating a space for all to be seen and heard.

2022, 4th cohort participant

Women and Wolves has helped me gain a deeper understanding of what it truly means to accept myself and achieve both internal and external balance. Through the combination of getting to know the wolves and each other, I’ve developed the courage and confidence to step into new roles and move through deep blockages to finally move forward in my life. Wolf Medicine (that’s totally what it is) has profoundly shifted my mindset, gifting me with practical tools to handle personal challenges with curiosity and grace. The structure of this program allowed for a truly magical journey of transformation to unfold. SO WORTH IT!!!” 

2021 Participant

In such an unprecedented, uncertain, and delicate time, this program gave me a core group of women to connect to on a consistent basis and a bond formed between us that is unlike any other I’ve experienced. With the in-person retreat serving as the culmination of our discussions, journaling prompts, grounding exercises and other self-reflection activities, the alignment I felt with these women and the re-emergence of our wild, wolf energy, along with our interactions with the wolves themselves was nothing short of life-changing. 

2021 Participant

I can’t fully articulate how profound this experience was for me. I have long had an inner sense that my life and destiny are in some way intertwined with wolves. This experience only served to solidify that feeling.  It has me wondering about the ways in which I can be more involved with wolves and wolf conservation. I was also deeply impacted by the connection between the women in the program, especially when we met in person at the ranch. After a long time of feeling like a lone wolf, I felt like I found my pack.  

2021 Participant

The program was excellent. It went beyond my expectations. The care in the details was beautiful. I am going through so much withdrawals afterwards! LOL. My experience with this program was earth shattering for me. I feel it was life changing and at the very least (or most) energy raising. Truly transformative. I can not say enough. And that’s really huge because all my life I have been a hardcore executive…ginormous experience.

2022 Participant

I want to say from the bottom of my heart that this program has touched my soul in many ways and was the medicine I did not even realize I needed. You have given me the sacred space to feel seen, feel heard, and feel valued. Through this process I have been able to turn my pain into power and my loss into lessons. The time I had with the wolves has given me the medicine to stand in my power and honor my voice. I will no longer stay quiet, but we let my wild soul out into the world at the rightful place she belongs!

2022 Participant

In a time of personal transition, gifting myself with Women and Wolves was a perfect choice. It’s been a journey both grounding and re-wilding. Our weeks together as a supportive pack of women, intertwined with self-inquiry and wolf teachings took me beyond a noisy mind and weary body and back into my heart, my joy, closer to my nature. Our day at Wolf Heart Ranch was a celebration, and meeting the wolves-magical. I am so grateful to the women that thoughtfully created the program and generously shared their knowledge, tenderness, and respect for the wolves-and what they can teach us. My warmest, fullest howl of thanks!

2022 Participant


This program is for adults (18+) who identify as female and are fiercely committed to personal growth as well as the growth of their fellow packmates. Curiosity, grace, and grit are required. Serious applicants will complete a questionnaire to be considered for a spot in the limited capacity program. Please review the time and cost responsibilities before applying. We will respond within 72 hours of your submission.


Introductory early registration rate: $1750
Introductory full price: $1950


Why must I apply first?
This is a gratifying and intense journey as a pack of women, requiring a commitment to attendance and presence. We show up just as the wolves model for us and expect that level of engagement, all while practicing grace for the unexpected twists life can present. We purposely keep groups intimate, so an application is a step towards claiming a sacred spot in the program.

What if I can’t make all of the sessions?
You are embarking on a journey with a pack of women. As the wolves teach, every member is essential to the survival of the pack. When signing up for the immersive experience, you are committing to all sessions to support your personal growth as well as that of your packmates. We know life presents surprises and challenges at times, and those can be addressed if they emerge. However, please apply for the program only if you have the intent to participate in every session.

What are the tech and connection requirements?
In order to enroll (following the application process), we ask that you possess basic tech knowledge, specifically of Zoom; have the intention to have a solid internet connection each virtual meeting; and check email and/or Facebook group periodically to stay up to date on prompts and any group discussions.

Do I have to live in California to participate?
Great question – all remote sessions will be held early evening PST/nighttime EST to accommodate as many time zones as possible. The one-day retreat at the conclusion of the program is all that requires travel.

What does the cost include, and can I pay in installments? See our “Featuring” section above for the rich details of this immersive program. The regular rate of $1700 does have a payment plan available for 3 installments, extended upon request.

What is the refund policy?
Once enrolled, no refunds will be issued, as each spot is carefully considered in the formation of a pack. Refunds will only be considered for unforeseen, extenuating circumstances. We ask that you’re mindful when you accept a spot and ready to commit, as this is an application-based program with limited capacity.

Is travel to the retreat included?
Travel and lodging is NOT included in the program pricing; however, the day-long retreat at Wolf Heart Ranch is included as are meals and snacks for that day.

How is Wolf Connection complying with COVID safety?
Wolf Connection’s in-person program occurs at Wolf Heart Ranch, an 165-acre facility. We have ample space for social distancing in an outdoor nature-based environment. We are CDC-compliant and require facial coverings when participants are within 6-ft of one another. Updates regarding safety protocols will be provided as the retreat approaches.

Will there be an online Women & Wolves for those of us who can’t travel to the Wolf Heart Ranch?
Beautiful question! Please click on the “Contact Our Team” button at the bottom of the page to be added to the waitlist for this type of programming.

Complete the Women & Wolves Application

MEET Your facilitators:

Amanda Beer, PhD, Director of Programs for Wolf Connection 

Amanda is the Director of Programs at Wolf Connection, a 501c3 nonprofit that transforms lives via Wolf Therapy®, a non-traditional approach to healing that honors the ancient bond between wolves and humans. Prior to becoming a student of the wolves and land, Amanda earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a licensed psychologist and has been facilitating healing and empowerment groups for over 20 years. At Wolf Connection, she collaborates with the wolves and a team of incredible humans to develop and implement curriculum in the following areas: Signature 8-Session Youth Empowerment Programs, Primal Leadership for Modern Times corporate programmingthe Resiliency Program for Women Veterans, and Women & Wolves public programming. Amanda is also the co-creator of Wolf Lessons for Human Lives, an immersive virtual Social and Emotional Learning platform. She is honored to share the teachings of the wolves, and to witness the liberation that occurs when humans connect with their unique primal truths as strands of a collective song, recognizing that we too have the power to howl . . . and heal . . . as one.  

Micha Thomas, AMFT, Program Lead for Wolf Connection 

Micha is an Associate Marriage & Family therapist, certified coach, founder of organization weREWILD, and former creative director. For her work in wellness and sustainability as well as community organization, Micha has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, DesignSponge and more, as well as been a contributing writer to Elle magazine and MindBodyGreen. Micha holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology with an emphasis on depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate University and a certificate in Psychedelic-assisted therapy from Naropa University. Micha pulls from her years of leading teams within the entertainment industry and non-profit sector, extensive training and work in facilitation and guiding, and personal experiences to lovingly collaborate with the human program team and wolves at Wolf Connection as well as the participants.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this workshop, including ideas, techniques, and other materials, is educational in nature and is not medical or psychological advice. By registering for this workshop, you are not entering a therapeutic relationship with Amanda Beer, Micha Thomas, or any staff member at Wolf Connection, but rather taking responsibility for your personal experience and application of empowerment tools offered.

Listen to Amanda & Micha discuss the history and depths of the Women & Wolves program on the Wolf Connection podcast

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