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Wolf Connection’s Primal Leadership for Modern Times program is about connecting with the power of the wolf pack and leading participants through a process of personal awareness and collective exploration of their interpersonal work dynamics. The wolves and natural environment support team members to slow down and experience connection to self and others. Participants will explore their authentic natural leadership roles and learn innovative methods to truly see, hear and support each other. Ultimately, the program is an invitation to identify and create the trust and understanding needed to transform your team into a powerful pack. The approach of a wolf—subtle, almost in slow motion, confident, and decisive, seeking connection on her or his own terms—can stretch time, open the heart, and awaken the soul.

5 things wolves teach us … 
  • Resilience: the ability to remain calm and centered under pressure
  • Capacity: The ability to emotionally and psychologically hold yourself, your team, and those around you. 
  • Adaptability: The ability to read the environment, identify what is needed, and meet the circumstances eye to eye.
  • Emotional Maturity: Being able to process emotion with depth and integrity no matter what.
  • To play full on: Wolves don’t engage half way, they show up passionately and decisively.
Free 20-Minute Support Call

In times of hardship, we as an organization want to support you in any way we can. Book with Teo or Amanda. 

Discovery Session

A 60-minute session meant to find how we can help your organization and teams to reach the next level in leadership, team dynamics and more. 


At Wolf Connection, we understand that trying to find the right leadership program for your team is not an easy decision. Below are samples of program proposals that we have created and implemented for companies and teams. Teams will find greater clarity, presence and the ability to engage on a deeper level.

Our team has worked with Fortune 500 companies, global organizations as well as 10 years of research backed facilitation with adolescents.

We currently offer a 1 and 3 day workshop, as well as a 3, 6 and 12 month program option.

Our one and three day workshops provide a powerful team bonding experience as well as an introduction to what wolves teach us about being human and our interpersonal dynamics. To move beyond the layers of human conditioning that impede our connection to self and others, and transform your team to operate from a powerful pack mentality, we offer 3, 6, and 9 month immersive programs. Wolves take the time needed to nurture and empower their pack mates, ensuring trust and survival of the pack. The immersive programs honors the time needed for your team members to individually and collectively embody primal authentic leadership.

  • Lead yourself, your teams, and your world with aligned mind, heart and body.

  • Deepen your presence, clarity, and state of being.

  • Empower your team to operate with the strength and efficiency of a Wolf Pack.

Sample Program Outlines

Our customized programs build on three levels of leadership and team building. Below you will find an in-depth explanation for each level. 

**All programs are customized to your specific needs, the below are just to give you an overview of what the schedule would look like**


Over 40 DACC managers and executives participated in an incredible program that illustrated the various important roles to be played by those in leadership positions…Together, these different attributes come together to provide a fully rounded leadership team where every member plays a unique role and their involvement is valued. My team raved about the afternoon spent at the Wolf Connection, and I highly recommend their team building and leadership training to anyone.

Marcia Mayeda, CAWA
Marcia Mayeda, CAWA
Director of Animal Care and Control County of Los Angeles
In August 2018, at Teo Alfero’s invitation, I took my executive management team to The Wolf Connection for our annual retreat. There were ten of us, and a few were a bit apprehensive when told that we were going to a wolf sanctuary for the day. In the long run, not only did Teo and his staff win over our doubters, but several formed lasting relationships with the wolves and the ranch. We began our day with a tour of the facilities and some actual face time with with several of the wolves. The laughter and the excitement were incredible beginnings to our day of hard work, planning the year ahead.
If you are contemplating a true get-away for your team, this is the place to go. I personally have made a life long commitment to doing whatever I can to help Teo and his team take care of these amazing animals.
Stephen Golightly, PHD
Stephen Golightly, PHD
Retired, Director of the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department

Teo Alfero is one of the most inspiring leaders I know. I trust him so much that I have brought my entire community of high-level leaders and entrepreneurs to spend time learning from him, his team and his wolves, at his ranch. 

The work that Teo and his team do to take care of the wolves, and the impact they have on youngsters from the inner city, the formerly incarcerated and military veterans is heartening and inspirational. 

If you are considering working with Teo – to support you as a leader, or with your entire team, I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity. 

Rich Litvin
Rich Litvin
Founder 4PC


Just like a human, a wolf instinctively senses their worth and belonging, but due to the speed and intensity of modern life, humans have difficulty connecting and leading from that position. At Wolf Connection we work quickly to change this for both the individual and group, allowing for the bonding, growth and leadership of each individual to be realized.  Each wolf is a crucial member of the pack regardless of their function, rank or level of expertise. The pack witnesses and honors the wolf’s innate and unique strengths. The wolf inhabits the sense of ownership of the space, knowing they belong in the pack, no matter what. The actions of a wolf are final, decisive, intentional and they do not second guess themselves.

Our current  ecosystem is a complex and ever changing environment, which includes family, friends, work and complex financial decisions to make ends meet, relational politics and a constant inner game with fluctuating levels of self awareness and confidence. The wolf learns from their mistakes and moves on with the mental and emotional resiliency and the ability to face challenges in a decisive, creative and effective manner. The wolf understands that by living their truth and following their instincts, they naturally thrive and support the survival of the pack. They know that their greatest path to success is to trust their gifts and stay within their zone of genius


Wolves model a natural harmony amongst pack members, a harmony that makes space for conflict and correction, and embraces the challenges that come with growth and change. While the journey of a pack is anything but smooth, the reassuring symphony of their howl (clear and efficient communication) yields a sense of safety and trust regardless of uncertainty in the territory (work environment). Without exception, wolves prioritize the integrity of the pack (work team and or family), and the howl as a strategy to reconnect and unite.

As human teams our needs are not so different from a wolf pack. Both science and indigenous traditions tell us that humans and wolves have been hunting and migrating together for millennia. We have learned the most effective and powerful collaboration and communication tools from wolves. These lessons remain as relevant today as they were for our early ancestors. We innately seek a social structure and place of unity and connection. Too often, our workplaces and corporate trainings fail to address the basic needs of human teams, and especially the foundational need for a safe space to connect and unite. The wolves remind us to attend to our core social needs, which for humans can be the most challenging to recognize.


Few species are as territorial as wolves and humans.  Wolves, like humans, claim territory in order to support their survival and provide safety for their pack.  While they defend their territory when needed, when possible they seek peaceful coexistence with other packs and other species, recognizing that there is enough for all. There is space for coexistence among families of the same species, in addition to those of distinct species or specialties. Wolves choose to celebrate their pack and territory, beginning each day with a rally and orchestral howl as they connect with one another and make their presence known. How is your team celebrating your shared vision and mission? and ensuring that no member strays out of the territory of the shared vision and mission? And how are you co-existing with other teams or “packs” within your organization?

Meet the Facilitators



Teo Alfero is founder of Wolf Connection & creator of Wolf Therapy®. Teo is a transformational teacher & shamanic practitioner whose work is strongly influenced by that of Carlos Castaneda. He is a TEDx speaker, one of the 100 Making A Difference, & a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders. He has been featured in the New York Times & LA Times.



Amanda is a licensed psychologist and educator. She empowers individuals and groups to actualize the gifts that already exist within them. Amanda collaborates with corporate partners to strengthen pack mentality, foster appreciation of primal roles among team members, and guide grounded and centered decision making.


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