With your support, we are able to fund our well pump and provide unlimited water to the Wolf Connection pack – eliminating our monthly water bills, saving us money and making us more fiscally responsible to you – our cherished supporter, adding an extra level of protection in fire emergencies and saving us the stress of needing to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Each one of the supporters listed here is a HERO…


WOLF PACK ALPHA – leading the pack

Marie Frazier in honor of Grayson and Linnea

Byron Hilbish in honor of “Panda”

Jules Stewart

Gil & Lynda Hale

Tina & Lawrence Dickinson

Charlie Steinmetz

Brandon Korff

Alexandra De Barroso

Reo Montoya

Steph Carlson

WOLF PACK TRACKER – bringing the much needed nutrients to the pack

Jerry Schwartz

Dean Hudon

Matthew Avalos

Michael Karlin

Denise Berger in memory of BoDean Berger

Laura Whitney

WOLF PACK BETA – supporting the health of the pack

Jeff Kirshner in honor of Errol Spiro

Raymond Spiro

Joshua Brener

Tripp Lanier

Scott Glassberg in honor of Doris Glassberg

Elisabet Rivero in memory of Al Rivero

Francyne Lambert

Renata Murez

Sheri Holcolmb in dedication to Bibi McGill

Sandra Gill in memory of Ruby J Reynolds

Julie Bloomer in gift to Pippa Baker-Rabe

Arthur Misischia in memory of Junior

Bruce Wagner in honor of Leonard Cohen

Ellie Avila in gift to Annie

Mark Nowosad in gift to Maureen Nowosad in honor of Dingo & Nanuk

John Stenzel