empowering youth in Los Angeles County to

become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth

At Wolf Connection, we empower youth to connect with their authentic selves as they experience relationships with rescued wolves and the natural environment. These deeply intuitive animals inspire young people to be fully present in their bodies, release ideas and behaviors that no longer serve, and understand their unique role in a human “pack” or community. Youth learn to forgive, and give themselves and others the love and respect they deserve. 

Multi-day Wolf Therapy™ Experiential Education & Empowerment Programs:

Ages 10 – 13, Ages 14 – 18, Groups of 10 – 20 participants (6 – 12 sessions)

The multi-day program engages participants to grow, thrive, and become contributing community members. Grounded in a principles of empowerment and resilience, the program teaches youth to face their fears, embrace their unique strengths, and own their inherent worth. Participants learn the importance of working as a team or “pack”, and practice sensitivity to the unique gifts, experiences, and emotions of others.

During the program youth will develop:

  • Self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-regulation;
  • Skills for working through challenges and taking responsibility for their future;
  • Connection with nature and animals, leading to compassion for self and others;
  • Pro-social behavior with a sense of belonging to a community, a “pack” of their own; and
  • A sense of curiosity around their purpose and hope for their future.

I have discovered my ability to communicate in positive ways. In effective ways. I would try to use it to help others understand a situation or to express my opinion so I can be heard.

The [best] experience about Wolf Connection is that I am able to be accepted and get to know nature and the people around me.

[The program] has showed me how [to] trust myself, and believe that I can make a difference in the world.

I will really remember all our moments where we shared our personal experiences and got deep with each other. We were honest about how we felt. We did those activities where we showed who we really are.

I have discovered my ability to communicate in positive ways. In effective ways. I will try to
use it [the skills] to help others understand a situation or to express my opinion so I can be heard.

Field Trip: Wolf Therapy™ Experiential Education

Age 6 and up, Groups of 15 – 25 participants

This introductory program engages youth to consider our innate human connection with wolves, and experience what we can learn about ourselves through our relationship with the we first associated with more than 40,000 years ago. Participants will meet ambassador wolves and learn about their stories and the lessons they offer humans. They will practice awareness of self and their environment as they connect with the wolves. Youth will explore the different roles in the wolf pack: Alpha, Beta, Nanny, Hunter, Tracker, Omega; why each of them is important; and how these complex social dynamics apply to human interactions.


We offer presentations focused on one or a combination of the following themes/approaches, and tailor the curriculum to your school’s/group’s unique needs:

  • Why Wolves? … Like the youth we work with, wolves are misunderstood. Yet science tells us the wolf is the first animal we ever associated with more than 40,000 years ago. We adopted family values, social structure, and key survival behaviors from wolves. Youth and wolves naturally connect at a deep, primal level, carrying great therapeutic value.
  • Wolf Principles©: Simple lessons from wolf to human eliciting character traits such as: self- empowerment, leadership, team collaboration, self-care, social and environmental awareness.
  • Exploring the different roles in the wolf pack: Alpha, Beta, Nanny, Hunter, Tracker, Omega. Why is each of these roles important, and how do the complex social dynamics amongst wolves apply to human interactions? As a result, youth discover their natural tendencies and how to leverage them.

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